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Sons of Norway

The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries,and provide quality insurance and financial products to our members. Sons of Norway was organized as a fraternal benefit society by 18  Norwegian immigrants in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 16, 1895.  the mission of Sons of Norway  includes the preservation of Norwegian heritage and culture in our  Society. We have grown since our beginning and are now the largest Norwegian  organization outside Norway.

Swedish  American Institute

The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis is a gathering place for all people to share experiences around themes of culture, migration, the environment and the arts, informed by enduring links to Sweden. The American Swedish Institute will be a leading museum and cultural center of international reputation which invites all people to gather to connect their pasts to their shared future, to understand their heritage in relation to others, and to discover their role as neighbors and global citizens. Vibrant, ongoing ties to Sweden will illuminate and inspire all these endeavors.

Finland is a hidden gem tucked into the far up North. It is a treasure waiting to be discovered. You will find thousands of reasons to fall in love with Finland; the people, arctic adventures and secrets. And four distinct seasons that continue to call you back. When you think you have seen and experiences it all, then it is time to explore Finland.

Danish Culture

The National Foundation for Danish America (NFDA) was formed in 2019 with the goal of strengthening cooperation among Danish American organizations and ties between Denmark (or Danish Culture) AND persons who have a special interest or relationship with Denmark.  We aim to provide opportunities for Danish Americans and their clubs and organizations to network, coordinate, share and collaborate in order to preserve and promote Danish culture and heritage in America.The mission of the National Foundation for Danish America is to further and enhance cooperation among all Danish American organizations and to strengthen the ties between Denmark and people throughout North America, who through ancestry and interest have a special relationship with Denmark.


Iceland is often called the Land of Ice and Fire, a land where volcanoes and geothermal heat have made their mark on the landscape, along with the many glaciers and glacier lagoons, a land of pristine and unspoiled nature. The nation’s capital is Reykjavik and almost 2/3 of the population either lives in the city or in neighboring communities. Small picturesque villages dot the shoreline all across the country, most of these rely on fisheries and usually there is a lot of buzz centered around the docks.

University of Wisconsin - Madison  Scandinavian Studies

The Scandinavian studies program provides the opportunity to learn a Scandinavian language or Finnish (modern Icelandic only occasionally). The literature, folklore, and culture of the Nordic countries are taught both in the original languages and in English translation. Partly in cooperation with other departments, courses in Scandinavian area studies are offered (history, social institu-tions, geography, art, archaeology).

Amery Area Swedish Club --- För Alltid Svensk

Local group in Northwest Wisconsin to promote and study Swedish culture. Monthly meetings, and activities. Visit our Website

Norway House--- Connecting the United States and Contemporary Norway

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