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Click on the PDF file below to get a downloadable and printable form that you can use to become a member.  Individual Memberships are $30 and two in a family $50, student membership $10..  Checks may be sent to MWISC, at P.O. Box 522, Eau Claire, Wi 54702.

Contact email: MWISC President:

The Midwest Institute of Scandinavian Culture   Officers are:

Tim Sivertson - President                                      Janice Wnukowski – Vice President                          Linda Curtis – Secretary                                               Diane Lund – Treasurer                                      


Board Members -Bethany Jacobson-Flieger, Jeremy Gragert, Paul Kaldjian, Garry Running, and John Streif.

Viking storage vessel

drinking vessel viking.jpg

Cloonclose Flacket 6th -12th century
Leather Viking drinking vessel

drinking vessel viking2.jpg

Interior Viking Longhouse -- A Restoration

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