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Velkommen Välkommen Velkomin Velkominn, Tervetuloa
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We welcome you in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish, the languages of the Scandinavian areas of Europe.     We are The Midwest Institute   of Scandinavian Culture. Our physical location is in Dunn County Wisconsin. Mailing Address: PO Box 522, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54702 USA

Become a member--support our mission--- use our contact page!


This is What We do!

We support Scandinavian Culture with Workshops, Retreats and Presentations. Projects include a local Folk Fair, Wahlstrom  Nordic Workshop for college students, and a yearly Syttende Mai celebration.  We provide financial support to other groups in our area who work to do the same.

New: We are providing through the work of   board member Paul,          1 hour of  Nordic Music on Sunday afternoons 1 -2 PM CT. via public radio. You can listen to the program at WHYS 96.3 FM Eau Claire Community Radio here in Eau Claire or live stream it from anywhere at

 At our Annual Meeting  the  agenda often includes election of officers. Officers are elected for a three year term. Only paid up members can vote.     June 2024 elections were held and  the following is a list of  our officers and our  board members:

Tim Sivertson - Pres

Janice Wnukowski - Vice Pres

Linda Curtis - Secretary

Diane Lund - Treasurer

Board Members:

Jeremy Gragert

Paul Kaldjian

Garry Running 

Jason Revelle

Gordon Thorpe (1 year completing Bethany's position)


More about us

Membership Information:


Norden Folk invites you to help with the mission of Norden Folk.  Norden folk is committed to preserving and maintaining  historic and traditional Nordic Culture in the Upper Midwest Area. It is our goal to build and maintain the interest of younger generations through the visual arts and traditional music, folk dance and sport. We would like to build our membership with folks committed to preserving Scandinavian traditions.  We need motivated people to come on-board and help with the goal of keeping Nordic culture relevant and vibrant in our multicultural society.  In other words, we need you!  

Syttende Mai

Syttende Mai translates literally as the “17th of May.”

Norwegians celebrate their independence with shows of national pride that include parades, traditional dress, and traditional foods. It’s also a celebration of spring and renewal as round-the-clock sunshine brings blooming flowers and increased wildlife sightings. It’s a wonderful time of year to be in Norway!


Celebrating Syttende Mai [Suit-en-duh  My]

The Midwest Institute of Scandinavian Culture, Sons of Norway, and the Waldemar Ager Association invite the public to celebrate Syttende Mai (May 17, 1814), Norwegian Constitution Day.

The annual event usually brings 125+ people together to celebrate with a banquet and a program. This year, the event took place on May 16, at the Holiday Inn Eau Claire, South, 4751 Owen Ayres Court.



Friluftsliv:  Celebrating Open Air Life and Traditions in All Seasons 


For Debra Raye King and Thomas Wayne King, every day is an opportunity to celebrate their Norwegian heritages and the joys of Friluftsliv in Northwestern Wisconsin. Preparing for weather challenges, Pakledning, is important to them in every season. Their presentation highlights the joys of hiking, skiing, skating and tending their flock of registered Icelandic wool sheep at Sunny Cove Farm overlooking Lake Superior.



Debbi and Tom--authors, folk composers, and UW-Eau Claire alumni--live, write, and create in Solon Springs, Wisconsin. Sunshine, their Shetland Sheepdog, romps with them at their forested homestead and hilltop farm. Debbi and Tom are descendants of Norwegian immigrant families whose stories, music, photos and treasured items will touch your hearts and inspire you to celebrate the open-air life.


Silent auction. Treasures and  memories. And plan your future in the outdoors. Be encouraged to get healthy--choose the right clothes, enjoy the outdoors—friluftsliv! It’s a Scandinavian thing to do.



Afternoon Light

Wahlstrom Nordic Workshop

The Wahlstrom Nordic workshop was held in February 2024. Check back for updates for the 2025 session.


Culture Fest

"International Folk Fair is now Culture Fest"

Culture Fest was  held at UWEC Davies Student Center Eau Claire WI



This family friendly event is a great way to learn more about different cultures from around the world!

Based in Minneapolis, award-winning Finn Hall Trio recreates the feel and sounds of the historic Finnish-American dance halls for local dancers offering waltz, polka, schottische,     mazurka, tango, humppa and other dances.  


Scenes from 2022

Like all good Scandinavians, we  love our coffee;  actually Scandinavians are among the highest consumers of coffee in the world. It might be said that  it's a way of life.


& Articles of Interest

History of the Scandinavian People

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